3 Display Fixtures for Creating Countertop Candy Displays

Countertop candy displays are lucrative merchandise options for a wide variety of businesses. Stores that already specialize in selling food items,3 Display Fixtures for Creating Countertop Candy Displays Articles such as candy stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores, can benefit from candy displays on their countertops, as can businesses that generally focus on selling other kinds of merchandise, like gift shops, bookstores, toy stores, and even hotels and motels.

Countertops are ideal places to create candy displays because these areas are generally the last places customers are before they checkout and leave. Countertop displays allow customers to see the available candies without having to hunt for them and, because nearly everyone loves candy, many customers are likely to make a purchase as they’re checking out.

Of course, in order to create an attractive, effective, and convenient countertop display of candy, you have to think about the best ways you can showcase the candy. Below are three common display fixtures ideal for candy displays on countertops.

Candy Containers

Some store owners opt to create their own candy displays (as opposed to using display racks; see below) and in order to do this they need to use candy containers. The most popular kinds of candy containers include:

Plastic candy containers and plastic fish bowls
Glass candy jars and glass fish bowls
Wooden baskets

Note that these containers come in many different shapes and sizes. Make sure you choose the size and shape that will work best with your countertop’s space as well as the material (plastic, glass, or wood) that will work best with your store’s traffic volume. Also remember that if you’re display unwrapped candies you’ll need containers with accessories like lids and scoops.

Display Racks

Although there are two basic kinds of display racks (rotating and fixed position), when it comes to choosing display racks for your countertop’s candy display, it might feel as if the possibilities are endless!

Revolving Display Racks: Revolving display racks include wooden racks with wooden baskets, pegboard racks with two or four sides, and spinning racks great for hanging small bags of candy. Some store owners also use turntable cereal dispensers, filling the tubes with candy instead of cereal.
Fixed Position Display Racks: Fixed position display racks include bucket racks with buckets designed to sit or hang, and racks with shelves for placing candy containers (these racks mostly resemble traditional convenience store racks; they’re just smaller versions that fit on your countertop).

As is the case with the many different kinds of candy containers, fixed position and revolving display racks are available in an assortment of sizes and, if you’re displaying unwrapped candies you granite suppliers should also look for accessories like lids and scoops.

Pre-Filled Candy Displays

Pre-filled candy displays are ideal for store’s that are just getting started as well as busy store owners who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to arranging their countertop displays.

Store owners can find pre-filled candy displays in most of the same forms of the empty containers and display racks. For example, it’s possible to order both pre-filled candy containers (plastic or glass) as well as display racks with buckets already filled with candy.

Keep in mind that pre-filled lollipop trees are also convenient options for countertop candy displays.

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