Does the Bible Agree With Science?

There is an intriguing book a great many people know nothing about named Newton’s Prophecies of Daniel. It was initially composed by Isaac Newton and distributed in 1733. I for one have perused a later version distributed in 2000. In this book, Isaac Newton expounds on the books of Daniel and Revelation following quite a while of verifiable review. I accept the composition of this book talks straightforwardly to the inquiry, does the Bible concur with science? From the outlook of Newton, it does.

I was dazzled by a portion of the remarks from the new distributer of Newton’s book, Arthur B. Robinson, “The focal message of this book for current perusers may not be such a huge amount in what it expresses however in what it is. During his whole life, Isaac Newton persistently thought about his exploratory and hypothetical comprehension of science with his perusing of the Bible. He tracked down the substance of these two wellsprings of truth to be so totally viable that he respected each work of the Bible to be essentially as right as the situations of math and physical science.” (Newton’s Prophecies of Daniel, distributed by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 2000, pp.xi,xii).

While the book is to some degree hard to peruse as no endeavor is made to place it into present day English (it’s a definite copy of Thomas Jefferson’s unique duplicate), I might want to share a few particulars from my general comprehension of it. Newton goes into profundity examining authentic examinations both of how the Bible was initially aggregated and how real verifiable occasions contrast and the predictions. He begins by examining who is probably going to have composed the books, starting to a great extent by Moses and Joshua. It’s fairly similar to showing all references¬†As it was in the days of Noah while composing an insightful paper. Then, at that point, he takes a gander at explicit predictions in Daniel and depicts the consequence of his exploration towards validating them. For instance, he discusses the prescience of the monster with ten horns and from his exploration presents a defense for these addressing ten verifiable people groups like the Franks and the Huns.

While I don’t really accept that the Bible is intended to be a book of science, rather an aide for living, I don’t feel Christians should be worried that it is against science. Then again, it is predictable with science. I read from Newton’s academic methodology, while as yet keeping up with faith in the Scriptures, as an extraordinary unprejudiced validation for the reality of the Bible.