Messi’s Hand Keeps Barce Alive

Madrid are on the pole position for the La Liga title after last week’s result. They played 2-2 with the host Zaragoza. With Barcelona also played 2-2 against Espanyol, Madrid still on top of the table. Even though those 2 giants share the same points, Los Rojiblancos are ahead of Barca in the term o ufabetดีมั้ย f goals difference. This means a win at the last fixture of the season will guarantee the title for Madrid.

Last week, Leo Messi once again proved that he’s the next Maradona. After repeating Maradona’s sensational goal way back in 1986 World Cup against Getafe, Messi came up with carbon copy of the “Hand of God” goal. Despite the complaints from Espanyol, the goal stood and kept Barca on the title race track.

Well, odd things could happen in any football game. About 2-3 weeks ago, Ruud van Nistelrooy made an assist to Sergio Ramos using his hand, and the goal also stood. To be honest, I don’t like to see these kind of things in football. A football game is all about sportsmanship, not just winning. It is how to win the game that matters and not the win itself. RFEF should do something about van Nistelrooy’s and Messi’s action because I believe they did that deliberately. This kind of act gives football a bad name, and just like diving, it should be kicked out of football for good. Messi and van Nistelrooy are role models for a lot of kids throughout the world and they should realize that whatever they do (on or off the pitch) are an example for children around the world. If they perform unethically, what kind of example are they trying to give?